12 October Date Night Ideas

Is it October already? The next few months are what I like to call the season of festivities. We'll start by carving pumpkins for Halloween, then eating pumpkins at Thanksgiving, then giving pumpkins as gifts for Christmas. Ok, maybe you won't be giving anyone a pumpkin this year for Christmas, but now you're thinking it is an option. As this season of festivities begins, let's check out twelve date ideas that could help usher in the season.

  1. Get a couple pumpkins from a pumpkin patch. Bring them home and carve them together. Make sure you save the seeds so you can bake them for a delicious snack.
  2. Chili cook off! Invite some other couples over and get a taste of everyone's different styles for cooking their chili. Enjoy dinner together and learn some new recipes.
  3. Go to the thrift store and find random things to make your Halloween costumes this year. You can have something in mind before you go to make it easier to find gems.
  4. Go apple picking at a local orchard. Try making caramel apples with the apples you bring home. Of course, you'll have to save some apples for an apple pie.
  5. Rent an old horror flick and cuddle up on the couch. You don;t have to enjoy the horror flick to enjoy the cuddling.
  6. Visit a haunted house nearby. There may be a haunted woods tour that you could check out instead if there are no local haunted houses.
  7. Go on a drive together. Pick up some fast food and drive around looking at the changing season. Leaves are changing color. The air is getting crisp.
  8. Check out a local farmer's market. There may only be a couple more weeks left.
  9. Invite friends over for a bonfire. Roast some marsh mellows and enjoy some s'mores.
  10. Get some candy and hand it out at your house for Halloween. Make sure you decorate your house to get into the season.
  11. Grab some blankets and find a remote place to go stargazing. It's getting colder, but the closer we get to the winter solstice the better the view of the sky will be.
  12. Check out a fall sport at your local high school. 

If you've done all of these already, then check out our next date night box. We plan a creative date for you and curate all of the materials needed for it.