5 Ways to Carve Your Pumpkin


So you already went to the pumpkin patch, checked out the corn maze, drank some apple cider, and now you're stuck at home with a couple of pumpkins. Well, there's more you can do! Get some pumpkin carving supplies and check out these five ways you can decorate/carve your pumpkin this Halloween.

Paint the Pumpkin

Grab some acrylic paint, brushes, a cup of water, and some paper towels. Look up some pictures that you've taken over the past year and try to paint one of them on the pumpkin. Bonus points if you can incorporate the pumpkin texture into the painting.

Pumpkin Emoji

Emojis have blown up over the past couple of years. There are plenty to choose from and they can be pretty easy to draw on the pumpkin. If you want, you could find an emoji stencil online and use it to help draw out the perfect smile ;-)

Current Events

We have the presidential primary debates going on, a couple teams fighting for the World Series, and there is always something new happening in Hollywood. If you are artsy, you can be as creative as you'd like to incorporate something witty into your carved pumpkin. If you are not creative... well, you can always find another stencil online.

Trick or Treat

This is an easy one. You could always stick with the holiday theme and carve a scary face into the pumpkin or some words like "Boo!" and "Trick or Treat". Although this idea isn't very creative, it is timeless. And there's something to be said about timeless traditions.

Real and Meaningful

Find something special that means something to the two of you and carve it into the pumpkin. Lyrics to your couple song, a place where you first kissed, or an inside joke that only the two of you would get. Carve something that would mean something to you both.