5 Totally Crazy Picnics You’ve Never Done Before!

If the idea of grabbing a fluffy blankie and heading to a pretty meadow for a picnic feels a little overdone to then you’re in luck! Try these five fresh mods of what’s possibly the oldest date activity in human history! Whether you're an explosive personality or the shy type, these ideas will take your date to a new definition of fun. Ready, steady, GO!

An Abandoned Building

Hipster-rustic is totally in fashion so bring the mojo to date night with a picnic in the last place your partner’s going to expect it! The trick is to get there a few hours before and clean up a little - sweep the floor, remove some of the spider webs etc… Stash your picnic blanket and food there along with some pillows to sit on since the floor’s probably concrete. Also also good to ‘set the stage before kicking this one off so it’s not a freakout! If you want to really go all you organize a scavenger hunt, around the area, with some small items they can find. 

Flavour Tripping

There’s this strange fruit called a Miracle Berry which makes anything that’s sour/bitter taste super sweet! If you eat one before a meal it’s a totally crazy experience called ‘Flavour Tripping’ and it makes a picnic a total blast! The berries are pretty hard to get but you can get a lollie version that’s made from them really easy online. Just pack some of these along with some sour foods and you’re ready to go. If you really want to make this one fun don’t tell your partner what’s going to happen and just pass them the slice of lemon! Here’s some more ideas for pulling off a flavour tripping picnic. 

Cemetery Chillout (Creepout) Picnic

OK hear me out before deciding this is #1 in the ‘Top Worst Dates Ever’ contest. A cemetery picnic can be totally fun so long as you make it a themed role play! After all the key of date nights is that they’re fun so don’t all have to be dripping in romance. To pull this one off all you need is a normal picnic setup and some glow sticks (or a set of solar lights). Head out around dusk, so you can set up easily, and find a good spot to chill. Crack open the glow sticks and poke them upright into the ground all around you. This makes a super eerie, but fun, feel and sets up a great vibe for the night. Another fun mod is anything Halloween themed like pumpkin carving. If you want to add more meaning to the night you can discuss interesting descriptions on gravestones, share each other’s bucket lists, make plans together etc.... 

On a Ferris Wheel

Yes, you need money for this one, but your night will be legendary! Besides, we know every girl is secretly dreaming of this experience ever since she watched The Notebook, where Ryan Gosling is making his move at Ferris wheel. Just bring a some snacks and ciders in a small bag and act as though nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Disclaimer: Make sure your soulmate’s not afraid of heights!

Boat + food + fun!

OK, this is not an unheard of place, to try your Johnny Bravo lines, but chances are your partner’s never done it before! What you need is a nearby lake or river and either:

● Rent a paddle/rowing boat from somewhere nearby

● Grab an inflatable one

Just imagine you two watching the sunset in the middle of a lake, or counting stars, or enjoying a glass of champagne in perfect solitude.  Now take your excitement and double it – this is how they’ll feel about your boat picnic..

The Middle of a Busy Sidewalk

Knock expectations over with a date à la Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s like shouting to the world I am dating this beauty and I’m not afraid to show it! It takes some balls, to ignore all the stares and be confident, but this is exactly the attitude your soulmate will love! You can use a foldable small table and chairs and bring some light and easy to wrap food to make it easy.  Again don’t tell them what’s going to happen! They’ll wonder why you’re carrying a table down the street, and will probably freak out when you set it up on a busy corner, but just be cool and see where it leads. While you’re there don’t forget to make a selfie together – it totally comes with bragging rights on Facebook about your crazy relationship!

Bonus #1: Make any picnic awesome with a Surprise Box

The key to a fun picnic date is just to find something (anything) that’s a little out of the ordinary and gets the conversation flowing. A Date to Door surprise box totally crushes this! Simply choose any of the above picnic ideas and order a Date Night Box to go with it. Get ready for epic!

Bonus #2: Super-Pro picnic hacks to set the mood

These tricks can be mixed-and-matched with any of the above picnic dates to really set the mood:

● Bring along a small speaker and have a Spotify playlist ready to go on your phone. Music IS mojo!

● Tea candles are dripping with awesomeness on a picnic!

● Add some old-school cool by grabbing a large piece of fabric, from a craft store, and wrapping the picnic food in it. (This looks like you really put effort it but it’s actually really easy).

● Add some build up by giving your partner an invitation to the date! There’s some free ones you can print on the Date Night Wingman page.  

● If glow sticks aren’t your thing grab a set of solar fairy lights and set them up when you get there. This ads EPIC vibe!

● If you know how to play ANY instrument then a picnic is THE place to bust it out!

About the Author

Elliott shares creative date ideas that help men connect it with their soulmate! After all - date nights should be fun! 

Wingman’s date hack #4: Add some buildup to a date night by hiding an invitation in her shoe before work! There’s some free ones you can download at print at datenightwingman.com/datetodoor

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