Are You Love Locked?


There are cities all over the world that keep a similar tradition of writing two couples' names on a lock and then throwing the key away. Typically, the lock is on a bridge and the key is thrown into the ocean. The meaning behind this is actually quite profound. It holds similar meaning to many vows taken on the wedding day. You are locking yourselves together and throwing away the only option that can separate you both. This symbolism is more of a statement. You are sharing in a public place a vow of commitment through thick and thin. 

Have you made this commitment to each other before? We all go through highs and lows in life, both as individuals and as couples. It is these kinds of commitments that allow us to live without the fear of instability. In a world of constant change, it becomes a huge relief to have a partner who is committed. But these commitments should not be made lightly. Only if you have every intention to honor it should you make a commitment like this.

For those of us that are love locked, what have you been doing to honor this commitment? It's easy to put a lock on a fence, but it is difficult to maintain a strong relationship year after year. It's important to spend quality time with our significant other. It's important to understand where they are in life and what is going on. And when work, children, hobbies, and other activities begin to make your life busy, it becomes even more important to spend quality time together. If you only get a couple of hours a week together, let's make it count.

Posted on February 10, 2015 .