Dr. Seuss' Birthday - Find The Kid In You

Dr. Seuss would have been 111 years old on March 2nd this year. He brought us timeless classics from The Cat in the Hat to The Lorax. His imagination has inspired many through his creative use of words and the silly worlds that he creates. Nothing makes us feel like children again like one of Dr. Seuss' stories. As his birthday approaches, let's take some time to find the inner kid in each one of us. It's nice to let loose and be silly every once in a while.

Odds are you and your significant other didn't know each other as children. Take some time and try reading through some of Dr. Seuss' old books together. The made up words and places will give you both a chance to stir those creative juices. Then try writing something Seuss-like yourself! Check out these instructions for a fun little Dr. Seuss inspired activity together. 

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