How Can Harper Lee Help Our Relationship?

Harper Lee authored To Kill a Mocking Bird over 55 years ago and it has already become an American classic. At 88 years old, she is set to release the sequel to her timeless classic called, Go Set a Watchman. So what does this have to do with our relationships? Well, we say you should go and read it! Reading together allows us the same sort of entertainment as movies do, but with added benefits to our health and well-being. You will have opportunities to talk, discuss, and debate things that you’ve read about together. Think of it as a book club for two.

My wife and I have gone through several book series together. We love getting consumed in a new book and talking about different characters. Some of the themes throughout books have become dinner conversations for us. Often times, a book becomes so intriguing that we develop a reading routine every night that I look forward to while at work. Not only do we grow closer together by reading together, but we are also benefiting in some other major ways. LifeDev shares eight reasons why we should be reading more including reducing stress, improving analytical thinking, and improving our memory.

Posted on February 4, 2015 .