Date Activities For A Park

It seemed as though the winter weather would never end, but we have finally made it out of the freezing temperatures. As Spring approaches, many of us are looking for any excuse to get outside. What better excuse do you need than to have a nice date with your significant other at a nearby park? We've put together a list of five activities that you could both enjoy as you enjoy the beautiful weather that's around the corner.

  1. Enjoy a picnic together. Pack some sandwiches, chips, snacks, and drinks in a basket and don't forget to bring a blanket. Picnics aren't unique, but when is the last time you went on one? If the weather is nice, there is no better place to enjoy a meal together than outside at a park. There will probably be other people at the park as well. Try to make up funny life stories about everyone at the park and see who has the most creative story.
  2. Go on a hike. You don't need a tall mountain to enjoy a hike. In fact, I think it may be more enjoyable to not have to walk up a steep grade. Hold each others' hand and talk about what's going on in each of your lives. Enjoy the nature around you as trees begin to bud and flowers begin to bloom.
  3. Throw a ball around. It could be a baseball, a football, a beach ball, or even a frsibee. Even if you're not the sporty type of couple, getting the adrenaline pumping together can be a fun experience. If there are others playing a game around, you could even join in a pick up game and make new friends together.
  4. Read a book together. Find a nice tree that provides some shade and sit against its trunk to finally read that book you've always wanted to read together. Make it a habit to go back to the park when the weather is out to read the next couple of chapters. Check out our other blog post about why it is so important to read together as a couple.
  5. Lastly, you could go on a scavenger hunt together. Ask some friends to join you and split up into teams. Make up your own list or find one online. Take pictures of the items on your phones for proof. If you want to be a little more competitive, you could put a time limit on it and make a friendly wager.