Spring Time Date Ideas

spring date night

We are in full blown Spring mode now. If you have been hiding in your house because of the cold, it's time to grab your significant other and head outside! We've put together several outdoor date ideas you could enjoy over the next couple of months. 

Check out a local baseball game

This could be a professional team, amateur club, college team, or even high school. Baseball is one of those sports where watching can be leisure and full of good conversation. Don't forget to add in a hot dog and drink to enjoy the show.

Spend a day on the water

Find the nearest body of water near you. It could be a lake, river, pond, or even an ocean. Then search for an equipment rental shop and rent a paddle boat together. If you are more outdoorsy, you could trade in the paddle boat for a canoe or kayak. Pack a small lunch and spend the day together on the water. 

Visit a carnival or theme park

This is the time of the year where theme parks start opening up. There is something for everyone at a theme park. They have roller coasters, gentle rides, carnival games, and shows. And let's not forget the huge variety of food available!

Be a romantic at a botanical garden

If you like exotic flowers, plants, and trees, then there is no better time to visit a botanical garden then the Spring. Everything is in full bloom right now and there will be plenty of beautiful places to update your Facebook picture. 

Outdoor seating

Find some restaurants that offer outdoor seating and enjoy the beautiful weather together over a nice dinner. Afterwards, you could try to catch an outdoor movie to close out the night. There are only a few months a year that you can enjoy a date like this.


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