8 Great Outdoor Fall Date Ideas

fall date night

Summer is almost over and with it the heat. It's time to give Netflix a break and get outside to enjoy the refreshing fall air. We've put together a list of eight outdoor date ideas for you to use together as the seasons begin to change again. 

Pumpkin Patch

Find out where your closest pumpkin patch is and take a visit together. Find the best looking pumpkins you can and take them home to carve. 

Local Fairs and Festivals

Check out your local newspaper to find out when the next local fair or festival is coming to town and make plans to be there. This is a great time to invite another couple and go on a double date.

Take a Hike

As the temperature begin to drop, now is the perfect time to take a hike together. Pack some food and water and find the best trail nearby to spend an afternoon walking and talking together.

Book and Coffee Under a Tree

Go to a bookstore and buy a book to read together. Grab some coffee (or pumpkin spiced latte) from your favorite coffee shop and sit under a tree in a park and read together. One of our favorite books is The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

Catch a High School Football Game

Pick a team you are going to root for and dress up in their school colors. Make sure you sit on their side of the field and cheer them on. These games are usually scheduled on Friday nights.

Yoga in the Park

Grab a book on yoga positions and take your yoga class to the park. Nothing beats stretching, meditation, and the great outdoors. 

Kayak, Paddle Boat, or Raft

Head out to a lake or river near you and rent a paddle boat together. Spend half a day on the water, but remember to pack food and something to drink.

Outdoor Concerts

Check the local paper to see when the next free concert is scheduled and make plans to attend. Bring a blanket in case it gets cold, chairs to sit on, and snacks to munch on while you listen.


If you want to plan something a little more creative, be sure to check out our date night box!