8 Things Only Those Who Date Their Rival Know

In a perfect world, we would all end up with someone that has the same interests, same tastes, and same team as us. unfortunately, some of us do not live in that world and we are dating someone who dares to root for our rival. If this is you, don't feel alone. There are many others who completely understand what you go through. Here are eight things that only those who date someone who roots for their rival would know:

  1. They don't have to say anything for you to know what their thinking when your team makes a mistake. The smile says it all.
  2. Your jersey somehow goes missing every time laundry is done.
  3. Sports have been the cause of more than one argument in the past.
  4. The background on your desktop has been changed to your rival's colors.
  5. Rivalry week is silent week until game day. You've been preparing for this all season.
  6. Trash talking makes it's way into daily texts.
  7. You cannot sit on the same couch when watching a game.
  8. A previous disagreement has been settled based on the outcome of the rivalry game

If any of these describe your relationship, then football season can get a little rough. Ease the tension with some date nights sprinkled in. One rule: No talking football! If you need some help thinking of something creative and fun to do, try out one of our date night boxes.