Getting Through the Rough Patches

When you start dating someone everything seems perfect. You ignore their flaws and just see the positive side of everything. You just want to be by their side every day and every night. If you´ve been together for a long time though, you will notice that nobody is perfect and that your significant other might actually have some flaws. This is when you notice your first fight… and then you second and third. Check out some of the relationship advice we have for you to get through these rough patches with ease. Or at least, without killing each other.

Chill down

This is probably the best dating advice you will ever get: stop talking and listen. If you´re in the middle of an argument, chances are you are a little bit (or a lot) upset with the other person. This may lead to you hurting your significant other. Saying things while you´re angry may lead to nasty consequences. To avoid this, just try to calm down for a while. If necessary, just walk away for a few minutes until you are relaxed. Make sure you let your significant other know you just need to cool down.

Talk to each other

Are you relaxed now? Great, now approach your couple and talk about what just happen. Instead of trying to impose your ideas, listen to what they have to say. Now that you are relaxed, perhaps you might realize that it was actually you in the wrong. Remember relationships are all about putting the other person above your pride. Now that your significant other has expressed their opinion, it´s your turn to share your point of view.

Reach an agreement

No that you have talked, reach an agreement. Figure out a way so that whatever it is that just caused you to fight never happens again. If it was your fault, just admit it and promise that you will never do it again. If you can´t admit that something was your fault, perhaps you´re not ready to be in a serious relationship. Make sure you are both comfortable with what you have agreed and that nobody is offended or upset.

Make up for your mistake

It doesn´t matter if it was your fault or not, it’s best for everyone to apologize quickly after a fight. And it is always nice to reward your significant other (and yourself!) with a creative date night to help reset the tone of the week. Just make up for what you said earlier with a glass of wine and a delicious dinner. After you´ve finished eating go out for a walk in the park. Hold hands and tell your significant other a couple of reasons why you love them. Remember, the more you put in to the relationship, the better your relationship will be in the long run.

Don´t lie

Promise each other that you will work on whatever it is you were fighting about. And then actually work on it! This is the perfect moment to prove to your significant other that you really value the relationship. The beautiful part about fights is the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and receive forgiveness from your significant other. You both have to put in effort into making sure that doesn´t happen again.