Keep Dating While You're Married!

Keeping the romance and magic of love alive can become a task after some years into the marriage. That’s why it is important to continue taking your spouse on dates. It is the key that keeps a relationship fresh and fun. It will serve as a great benefit to you if you continue dating, as it makes the relationship much more enjoyable and gets rid of the boredom and monotony. Not convinced yet? Here are some reasons why married couples should never stop dating.

1. Casualness is bad

Casualness can be a bad thing and a marriage often falls into this without proper effort. While marriage is based on good understanding between the partners, the adventurous mystery takes a hit when you get very close to a person. Mind you, understanding is good, but routine is bad. One must keep the mystery alive between each other. Take some time out of your daily schedule to share and talk to your partner on frequent dates. Tell them something new about yourself. Share what is on your mind, and what you expect for your future.

2. Dating adds flavor

Dating infuses a spicy flavor into your marriage relationship. It keeps things happening and exciting for both you and your partner. Come up with creative date ideas. You know what makes your partner excited. If you keep surprising your spouse time and again, they will look forward to your date and enjoy the excitement it brings into your relationship.

3. Children

Although a child is a ball of wonder and joy, a baby can often leave you both drained out of your energy. The baby needing constant attention can mean less time between you and your spouse. Naturally, things can get a little frustrating for both of you. Dating brings you both from the parenting mode back to the couple mode. An occasional freedom and time to spend together helps you two stay connected together, which is great for the children too.

4. Prevents roommate syndrome

This is a term that refers to a situation when the partners stop investing in a relationship. You begin to think of your partner as a roommate and nothing more. This could be avoided with dating. On dates, you connect, listen, understand, and both of you will be reminded why you love each other so much. It helps in keeping the romance alive.

5. It is enjoyable

It is fun. When you marry your partner, you want to spend your entire life’s journey with them. It is better to add fun in marriage and make the journey more enjoyable. Have fun together and make your partner feel special with the date night.

6. Provides a romance fix

Men or women, romance is an integral part of a marriage. Often, the romance dies a few years after getting married. Sure, monotony can get the better of you. But, that is no reason for the romance to die between couples. Dating will help you liven it up. You never know, a simple red rose on the date could do the trick.

7. Dating is marriage insurance

Dating is a marriage insurance policy of some sorts. If you grab it while you can, you will ensure that your married life is always protected and happy. Dating is the great way to have a better marriage, while enjoying a great time together.