Relationships After College

The relationships during the college time are often considered as "vacation relationships". The reason for this is that college relationships are usually not exposed to real life problems. But, what happens when the real life starts intervening with the relationship? What happens when the college, aka that wonderful vacation, comes to an end? A number of things happen when you take your relationship into the real world. The real world can completely change your outlook on the whole topic of "relationships".

1. Change of social life

While you are in college, you are constantly surrounded by people around you, in your dorm, in the living room of the apartment, or at the pool party across the street. The only thing that you actually crave is some alone time with your partner. But the entire situation is turned upside down once you are out of the college. You start working and get a time-consuming job. It becomes necessary for you to maintain a social life and your partner eventually becomes a part of your social life. Dating will not be that easy then.

2. You actually want to sleep

Remember the nights where you bonded with your partner, the midnight visits to the corner fast food places, the late night talks which continued till 6 in the morning? Those were among the most fun moments for you. But now, if you stay awake up to midnight, you might as well call tomorrow done. You’ll be exhausted for work all day. You’ll need to make sure you plan for this as you move on from college.

3. You stress about money

Sure, you used to get a monthly allowance during your college days, which you promptly spent on partying and expensive dates. You were living your life as a free bird and did not have to worry about getting a roof above your head. Things are very different now. When you are 20-something and have started living on your own, you have responsibilities. You cannot just go around wasting your money; you have to pay the bills.

4. You become more demanding

With all your responsibilities, it may become your default state to be constantly stressed out. You have to pay the bills, maintain a social life, and also give a good performance at your workplace. In between all of this, you will require a lot of emotional support from your partner. Remember that you are the emotional support for them as well. If you keep that in mind, it’ll be a lot easier to be on the same page during tough times.