Top 8 Date Nights to Do THIS Fall

fall date night

The leaves have turned red and orange. At this point, many of them may have already fallen to the ground. The air is cool and crisp with a distinct fall smell. We still have a few weeks left in this Fall season, so let's make the most of it before it's gone. Instead of sitting inside watching Netflix, check off some of these activities from your Fall 2016 Date Night List.


1. Go on a sunset fall foliage drive

Find a street near you that is covered with trees. Bonus points if the trees are hovering over the road. Make some peppermint hot chocolate and jump in the car for a nice foliage drive. Use this time to reflect on the year together and ask each other "What's the next chapter look like?".

2. Make beef stew and apple cider

Yummm. This is one of my favorite parts of Fall. It's fun to grab a pot and throw together a medley of vegetables, meats, and spices while listening to fun seasonal music. If you're looking for a good beef stew recipe, look no further than here! Over 350 people agree with me :)

3. Create your own Fall photo shoot

I always use this time of the year to look back on the previous year. And every time I do this I always wish I had taken more pictures. Well, now is the chance to not only take some pictures together, but have some fun while you're at it. Grab some decorations, props, and fun fall clothes to set up a photo booth outside. If you want some more fun props, you can check out some of these.

4. Go on a bookstore date

Our first date ended up taking us to a bookstore to browse around. Often times, you can drink coffee while you look at the new best sellers. This could be a fun time to pick out a book to read together as the weather gets colder. If you are looking for something quirky to do, you can write little notes on strips of paper and leave them in books for others to find.

5. Leonids meteor shower

If eating beef stew is my favorite Fall activity, then this has to be my second favorite. This meteor shower comes once a year, so grab some sleeping bags and warm clothes to bundle up. Then head out to a nearby park to spend a few hours stargazing together. Bring lots of wishes, because you will probably see several shooting stars due to the meteor shower. And if you really enjoy stargazing, you should bring a telescope with you to check out some of our neighbors.

6. Enjoy wine with a board game

A quiet night at home doesn't automatically mean dinner and a movie. Grab some wine, cheese, and crackers from your local grocery store (big fan of Trader Joe's). Then pick out a board game to play together. If you are tired of the games you already have, we've got plenty more to choose from.

7. Volunteer together at a local shelter

One way to really grow closer together is to volunteer together. This is the time of the year where homeless shelters need the most help. Serving food and just talking to someone in need can make all of the difference in the world for their life. And there are plenty of other ways to volunteer besides a homeless shelter. You could hang out with the residents of a retirement home or help tutor kids at a local school. Serving together is a great way to learn more about each other.

8. Create your own spa night

Everyone needs a little more relaxation in their life. You could spend hundreds of dollars by going to a spa nearby, or you could create your own spa night in your own home. We're big fans of using massage oil to rub away stress, a massage tool to help you go as long as a professional masseuse, and hot massage stones for the ultimate relaxation. Finish up the night with a warm bubble bath :)