What is in a date box?

Every month is a new surprise date. Some of the best memories we've had was doing something that neither of us have done before. These creative dates are designed to break you out of the norm, so let's make a deal to keep the surprise a surprise.  Try us once. Our goal (and business model) is to give you high quality dates that get you both connecting so you'll keep wanting more for months to come. 

When do the date boxes ship?

We ship the second week of every month. The last day you can place an order for a particular month is the last day of the previous month.

Example: If you wanted to order the April Date Box, you have until March 31st to place your order. 

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we only ship within the continental U.S. As we grow, we'd love to start shipping internationally. We'll keep you in tune if this changes.

Will the date include dinner?

If you think planning a date for hundreds of different people is difficult, imagine planning dinner! We understand a lot of people have different dietary needs and preferences. Plus, cooking is not our specialty. We may give recommendations on things to prepare, but our dates will focus much more on the activities and the conversation.

We've also thought about sending dinner gift cards, but it would be difficult to find restaurants that are close enough for every couple to visit. 

Is Date to Door a subscription?

We allow you to purchase dates for months in advance, but Date to Door is not a subscription service. We believe our dates are good enough that you will want to come back for more. No need for automatic credit card charges.

How do I cancel?

Date to Door is not a recurring subscription. You may buy multiple months in advanced in order to get a discount, but you will not be automatically charged when your purchased months are over. If you would like to cancel one of your orders, you would have to send us an email through the Contact Us section of our website before the month of your date box delivery. 

Do you give refunds?

If your box was broken or damaged, send us an email through the Contact Us section of our website and we'll take care of you. Unfortunately, we do not give refunds if you did not like the date. We put a lot of effort into creating dates that will really allow you to open up to one another while having fun at the same time. These dates may take some people out of their comfort zone, so we are asking you to approach these dates with an open mind.

Our biggest goal is to help you create memories together. It might be difficult for you to think about what you both did together two Wednesdays ago or even a couple of days ago. Days seem to blend together when we are in our comfort zones. We truly believe that your willingness would allow you to create great memories of new, fun, and sometimes unique activities.