Step One: Buy a Digital Date Night 

Select a digital date from our growing list of pre-planned dates. We can't give away any of the secret sauce, but each date will give a few hints as to what you might be doing together. These dates are creatively designed to bring you closer to your significant other, so keep an open mind with some of the activities. They aren't your run-of-the-mill dinner and a movie date. Be prepared to be fun, silly, and open with your significant other as the date gives you a night to remember.

Step Two: Download the Date Night 

After you have selected the date that you want to buy, you should be able to download the date night instructions to your computer. These instructions will walk you through all of the creative activities that you will enjoy on your date. Make sure that you read through everything before you begin your date, unless told otherwise. Each date is planned to last between two and four hours, but it can be broken up into different sections, if necessary. It's your date, so feel free to break the script when you'd like.


Step Three: Gather the Date Night Ingredients 

At the end of each digital date night instruction is a list of ingredients needed to complete all of the date night activities. You might be able to find some of these ingredients around the house, but you may need to buy some of these. You could get many of them at a local retail store, but it might be easier to buy them online. We included links for each ingredient to buy it on Amazon for the super fast 2-day shipping.


Step Four: Enjoy a Creative Date Night Together

This is the best part of the process - you can actually enjoy the creative date with each other. Take lots of pictures to capture your favorite moments. There are three goals for this date night:

  • Make it memorable! Do you remember the last time that you went to dinner and a movie for date night? Probably not. Most of those dates just blend together. This date is designed to be remembered.
  • Grow closer together! Each date will give you an opportunity to learn something new about each other. Take advantage of these moments to open up to one another. Relationships take work and this is the best way to continue growing together.
  • Let loose and have fun! Dating should be fun, so these dates should be fun as well. Some of the activities may not be your cup of tea, but an open mind could allow you to have more fun than you could imagine.