What's in the box?

Every month we will send you a date night box with a new theme and create several date activities to go along with that theme. We curate select ingredients to send you for the activities, but the real value is in the date instructions. The instructions are what ties all of the materials in the date night box together. Since the date night instructions are our secret sauce, we don't want to give away any of the surprises. Instead, you can read through some of the "ingredients" that we pack into a couple of our date night boxes.

  • Time Machine - time capsule, massage lotion, tea lite candles, candle sticks, photo book, towel, trivial pursuit card game, 6 dice, glue stick, and a time questionnaire - all tied together with our date night instructions
  • Five Love Languages - red candle, eight tube socks, acrylic paint, brushes, canvases, couple coupons, and empty pill bottles for creative activity - all tied together with our date night instructions
  • Momentum Night - 25 jumbo popsicle sticks, seeds, ping pong balls, water balloons, ceramic jar, planting soil, water-based paint - all tied together with our date night instructions


Past Date Night Box

Theme: Time Machine

You start off back in time when there is no electricity. This box supplies lots of games to be played by candle light together. Keep tally of who wins each game.

Each game you win gets you five minutes of shoulder massages and a warm towel to sooth your muscles. We've got you covered on these supplies.

Next, you will answer fun questions and make predictions to put in one of our time capsules. We've given you a list of things to include in it. There are other little surprises you'll have as well.

Lastly, the date box provides a photo book with some suggestions for you to add pictures throughout the month together. This is a part of our monthly challenge for you both.

The date instructions include lots of little details to make your date more fun as you enjoy this time you have together.